Alden Guy Boulerice

Alden Guy Boulerice

March 21, 1984 ~ June 10, 2020

Alden Guy Boulerice, age 36, was received by his Heavenly Father on June 10, 2020 in South Daytona, FL. He was born on March 21, 1984 to parents Sabine Marie (Vanderlinden) and Alden Gordon Boulerice in Lewiston, NY.

Alden was educated in the Camden School District, Camden, NY during his primary education years. Continuing education in Jacksonville, NC where he graduated from Jacksonville High School in 2002. He earned his Associates Degree in the Arts from Coastal Carolina Community College in 2006.

Survived by his parents Sabine and Wayne Smith Jacksonville, NC; Alden and Linda Boulerice McConnellsville, NY; his 10 year old son Alden M. Boulerice; Sisters, Angelique Boulerice, Jacksonville, NC; Brandi Nieto Taberg, NY; Brothers, Jeremi Burke Taberg, NY; Zebulen Boulerice Camden, NY; Christian Dixon Wilmington, NC; Johnathan Dixon Comfort, NC; Maternal Grandmother, Marie Vanderlinden St. Victor SurAvre, France; Paternal Grandmother, Dorothy (Ann) Boulerice Rome, NY; Aunts, Penny Dombrowski Rome, NY; Tracy (Robert) Greene Rome, NY; Uncle, Michael Boulerice Glensfalls, NY; Chloe Clingerman (mother of his son) Miami, FL; a special bond shared with Kimberly Morton (his son’s Maternal Grandmother) Sedan, KS; Mike Dixon, NC was a father figure during Alden’s teen and early adult years; many Great Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. He was preceded in death by his Maternal Grandfather, Guy Vanderlinden St. Victor SurAvre, France; Paternal Grandfather, Alden L Boulerice Rome, NY; two Uncles, Patrick and Allen Vanderlinden St. Victor SurAvre, France.

Alden’s love for fishing was known by all. Spending much of his time at his favorite place on this earth was the family’s camps on Black Lake located in Upstate NY. His last visit to Upstate NY was in September 2019 to join his father on their first time salmon fishing in Pulaski. A successful week with each of them hooking five large salmon.

Alden pursued his love and passion in body piercing. He dabbled briefly in the art of tattoo. He designed and created several ‘flash’ drawings that were in the books at one tattoo and piercing business he worked at in NC. He was currently employed in the tree service industry in South Daytona, FL.

Alden impacted so many lives with family and friends no matter where his feet took him on his adventurous journey in his life. Everyone was touched by his kindness, love, generosity and humor. Each person who knew Alden can close their eyes right now and envision his ‘signature half smirk’ and sparkle in his eyes. His entire life was dedicated to ensure the best life for his son’s future. He was the best daddy any little boy could have been blessed with. Never a bad word spoken by or about him.

All of our lives, here on earth, have an emptiness that can never be filled. The angels are rejoicing in his presence. Alden truly blessed each and every life he touched. Until we can hold you once again in Our Father’s Home, we will continue to hold you in our hearts.


Billie Jo Liyanage

June 22, 2020, 9:13 pm

So sorry for your loss.

Sabine Smith - Mother

June 22, 2020, 9:38 pm

My life without you will always have a emptiness my son, but I will carry on because you have told me many times that I have been through a lot, but that I am strong and always take care of things!!!! Alden that was when I had you by my side to help me and encourage me my son!!! I will keep on going my beautiful son, and take care of Angelique and Christian, and your boy!!!!

Josephine Lee - Friend

June 22, 2020, 11:05 pm

So sorry Sabine

Kimberly morton - Mother-in-law...friend

June 23, 2020, 2:11 pm

My Dearest Alden…
In 12 years we only had one arguement…and the 3 days we didn’t speak were misery. I love you son. You are my family. I will hear you in the wind of these Flinthills you loved so much. I will listen because I know even up there you have a plan. Say hello to dingo and kissy… all of us will “take care of the boy”

Michael Gallagher - Cousin

June 26, 2020, 7:45 pm

I remember throwing soda cans at trees with Alden Guy when I lived back in Rome ~30 years ago. I’ll be seeing you again cousin.

Marji - Friend

June 29, 2020, 3:35 am

I spoke a bit about Alden during his celebration tonight, but briefly got into what Alden meant to me. I was 18, he was 23 when I first met Alden. We soon began dating. Our first date,he brought me home (William’s st) to meet his mom. Shortly after we attended a Dave Matthew’s tribute band (the Adam Rhodes band) We danced the night away and I fell hard for that smile and lisp. He invited me to his shop to see some extraordinary piercings, we would hang out and laugh histerically at horror movies. He took me camping a few times. Tought me how to cook while camping & how to fish. He knew I was an innocent 18 year old girl and never took advantage of my naivety, but instead taught me about life, took me on adventures, and his everyday life of piercing. During his young years, Alden faced hard times in a few forms. He was the wildest boy I had ever known, but with me he was respectful and kind, always. We remained friends over the years and in glad to see the man he turned into. He lived his life for his son. He was always a humble, kind and gentle soul. I will never forget him. Part of me exists because of who he made me to be. I will never forget the beautiful soul, the soul I will always love. Rest in peace Alden. Until we see you in Heaven my friend ❤❤

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