Cremation Prices

$989 Direct Cremation Service Includes:

  • 24 Hour Availability to respond to your request for services
  • Personal consultation with legally authorized person(s)
  • Transportation of the decedent from place of death
  • Refrigerated care of decedent until cremation
  • Preparation & delivery of original death certificate to doctor
  • Securing Cremation and Transit Permits
  • Obtaining cremation approval from County Medical Examiner
  • Recording original death certificate with Vital Statistics
  • Ordering certified copies of Death Certificate
  • Notification to Social Security Administration
  • Cremation process using a rigid fiberboard container
  • Release of the cremains in simple container to designated person

Alavon’s price of $989 is inclusive and complete. However, there are some third-party charges or fees that will apply in certain situations. There are also other items and services listed below which we can provide to you at a very reasonable cost:


  • Medical Examiner Cremation Approval – $30-$50
  • Transportation of deceased beyond 50 miles – $2.85 per mile
  • Refrigerated storage of deceased after 10 days – $15 per day
  • Certified Copies of Death Certificate – $8 ea. (Volusia County); $10 ea. (Flagler County)
    (Issued directly to family by County Vital Statistics) 
  • Domestic shipping of cremains by Priority Express Mail (with Signature Required) – $135
  • Additional Document Generation for filing claims – $85
    (assignment of portion of insurance proceeds, property disposition, Veterans Administration benefits, etc.)
  • Additional Courier Fee (Hand delivered documents or cremated remains within Volusia County) – $65

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